Wedding DJ
With Studio 99 Productions, you can be assured that
every detail will be taken care of on your wedding day.  
We work with you and your caterer to plan a timeline of
events that will best suit your needs on your special day.
We work hand in hand with your photographer and
videographer.  Our DJs will advise them a few minutes
prior to an upcoming special moment, such as the
introductions or cake cutting.  This courtesy ensures your
memories will be captured properly on film and video
forever and nothing will be missed.
When you meet with us, we can determine how
interactive your DJ will be at your wedding.  We reflect
your personality - we can be quiet and unobtrusive or
we can be outgoing and lively, all the while doing our
best to ensure everyone has a great experience that
they will be talking about for a long time afterwards.
The type of music played is entirely up to you.  We can
compose a "must play" list of music together in advance.  
These songs can be mixed in while we read the crowd
and take requests from your guests, but the final say is
always in your control.
- Experienced DJs
- Music for all Generations
- Dance Light Show
- State of the Art Sound Systems
- Line Dances & Party Games
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today for
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